Tuesday, June 29, 2010

reading books

do you read books?

well these days i read a ton of books. today i read about 20. I read books with my little friends daniel and brian. they are going to be in kindergarten and in 2nd grade this coming September. I dont think i have read more then 10 little kid books since... well when i was a little kid. Its amazing. little kid books are sweet, and sometimes they are better then big kid books.
why? well one thing is that you can read 20 in 1.5 hours, while being a babysitter at the same time. this is key, because you see when i read big kid books sometimes i am either anti social or i never finish the book. with little kid books you always finish and you always win. sometimes they rhyme too. if you havent i recommend going to your little cousins house, your old bookshelf, the library, the local elementary school, garage sale, or lie to your friends and say your pregnant to score some good books as gifts. i like to lie because its fun.

anways. i like to read little kid books. on a more serious note, i am really surprised how much i have learned by interacting with young children so many hours a week. i feel like i am in physiology classes all the time. its really amazing how deep you can see inside a 11 year olds brain in say comparison with a big kid. they are just so naive and they dont try to hide things from your smarter mind. or at least they are bad at hiding things. its fun to see through them, you can judge ones character so spot on, and if your like me and like to make everything a competition, well you always win. b/c you are a big kid and they are not. its amazing to see how their mind works, and especially fun when they think they can trick you. they are so helpless its funny. okay thats a bit mean, but really so interesting to work with little kids 10+ hours a week. its an experience alone that has made being here worthwhile.

well although not sunday morning thoughts, tuesday night thoughts work okay sometimes too. welcome to hump day. another sweet day of the week.

bump on through to the hump of the day that wednesday is for all to bounce with and enjoy.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

sunday morning thoughts

if you could enter my brain one day a week, i would recommend sunday mornings. there is something glorious about sunday morning thoughts. they take me back, take me forward, and sometimes tell me to sit still. although i have made a pact with myself to never ever sit still, sometimes on sundays i lie to myself and sit still. i love to lie to myself. even if its just for a moment. on sundays everything is possible. its that day that familys can share, the day when others wrap up and set up for the new, the reflection day, the lazy day, the rainy day, the big newspaper day, the big breakfast day, the sports day, the bbq day, its just well... its sunday. I guess for these reasons and more sunday morning thoughts are winners.

Monday, June 21, 2010

finding things

i like to find things. i want to find more things. do you want to find things? do you want to find things with me? would you like me to help you find things? do you want to help me find things? what is better then finding things? do you like to hide things and find things later? do you like to loose things? do you like to find things that were not lost? do you want to help me hide things and find them later? do you want me to ask my friend to help you find things? do you somethings ask animals to help you find things? what animal is the best at finding things? do you think aliens are good at finding things? what if nothing was ever lost... then i could never experience the act of finding things. i do not like that thought.