Thursday, September 16, 2010


i want to take a walk through your mind

Monday, September 13, 2010

putting things in boxes

is always scary. i put taped the bottom sides up about 6 days ago, but haven't managed to put anything in those boxes. I know i have to, and i know that things will go inside those boxes, but i dont want to put them in there. i kinda want to just leave this place as it is right now, so some day later i can unlock this door. walk inside and see how much dust covers these memories. i would dust it all off, and everything might be the same way it is right now.

its always boxes. we put important things in boxes. some of us have those fireproof boxes. some have the ones that lay in banks with special keys. some of us just put memories in boxes and put them high up on a shelf to visit later. this time i dont want to put anything in these boxes.

ill let you know when i tape the tops of those boxes closed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


i am gonna miss this place. I said goodbye to the children who i have taught for over a year now, yesterday. i think they have forever changed my brain, and hopefully i left some scars on them. i have met so many people along the way, had so many new experiences, and really learned a lot. there were some first times here too. like a typhoon. its strange the first entry to this new blog was in the time when i left to this place of wonder. now i feel like im closing that chapter for a short while. is it strange that i dont like some things. like pictures, i dont like pictures to remind me of friends faces or times spent with friends. i love pictures of things, and the ones that capture emotions and feelings. i debated taking my camera to take some pictures of the kids, but i opted not to. i just want my memories. is that strange?

i wonder what life will be like back in the land of perfect overcast rainy days. i miss seeing my breath in the morning. walking on the frosted grass. smelling october. i miss a few other things im sure too.

well there about 25 days left in this land. i hope to spend it with some great friends. i will not take pictures to remember because that is just not my style. and my style is pretty much untouchable.

i wanna share this with you because i think its pretty untouchable.

pascal campion