Monday, August 29, 2011


Oh man.... Boston time.

So far i like it. we have fake hurricanes. grocery stores have price per unit of everything. i know how much orbit gum costs per 100 pieces. they dont like coffee without alcohol in it. pizza places are as common as cafes. there are no cafes. there is wi-fi in bars and pizza places. i need to study with a beer not a coffee.

i am already excited for winter. its a bit hot right now. but i am okay with it knowing that fall is just around the corner. I also feel like i went back in time slightly. I am in a classroom. I like that. I haven't been in a lecture hall since 2008.

So, maybe i am way off, but i think people in boston drink as many beers during the day as a person in seattle drinks coffee. the day i arrived i went to brunch with a friend and a bunch of her friends. seems how i flew out on the red eye, and i somehow lucked boxed my way to Boston on time, i was a little tired. i ordered a double espresso and a sandwich. the waitress asked me what shot i wanted in it, and i was confused. she asked again if i was sure i didn't want any bailys or anything. first cup of coffee of the day. i guess here i should just wake up with some blood and mary's.

well this post is pretty boring. way to informative and not interesting. but i should probably try to do something constructive from the futon of the living room of this apartment.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

strange emotions

these days i feel like something strange has set over me. i am filled with emotions that are foreign to me. i feel some sort of teenage emotional angst, yet its not quite that. its just that i am filled with emotion with ease. i watch a movie and tears fill my eyes. i watch sports and can feel the compassion more so then ever before.

i am getting ready to make a big move again. across the country this time. time to leave the west coast. time to embark on a new school of thought. a new way of life. make some new friends. find myself in a new surrounding. i am excited and scared and emotional.

i guess i will be needing a magical pineapple to ready my mind for the new stage.

Monday, August 1, 2011

embarking on my past lives

as i move through life, being in new places, spending time with different people, working with different people, in different environments, doing new things, smiling in new locations.

i can't help but feel like im standing on some cusp. somehow i knew previously that my future still had a lot of variety in it. but right now i can feel some sort of end coming. i will start school again at the end of this month and i will be tracked into the area i want to be in. i will have a career. i will have a pretty defined area of work. i hope to still have a lot of crazy opportunities left in life, and i hope to live in some pretty crazy places. yet still, i somewhat know what i will be doing for a while.

knowing that i am about to climb over that cusp makes everything seem so much better. i am working with kids for the next three weeks and waking them up every morning. making them brush their teeth. seeing these naive innocent minds at work. this is something i will miss a lot. i feel truly lucky to have gotten time to share with so many children over the past 3 years. its been great and i know i will miss it so much. there is something about being around these little minds that is eye opening. i hope i can translate that energy into something in the future.

i guess i just want to remember these times. i want to know what it feels like to be in this moment right now. because i will soon be surrounded by suits. and i might have one too.

some people call me childish.

i like to throw rocks.

sometimes i like to sleep in the sun with rocks on my belly and eyes and mouth.

and these are my random monday morning thoughts.