Monday, August 1, 2011

embarking on my past lives

as i move through life, being in new places, spending time with different people, working with different people, in different environments, doing new things, smiling in new locations.

i can't help but feel like im standing on some cusp. somehow i knew previously that my future still had a lot of variety in it. but right now i can feel some sort of end coming. i will start school again at the end of this month and i will be tracked into the area i want to be in. i will have a career. i will have a pretty defined area of work. i hope to still have a lot of crazy opportunities left in life, and i hope to live in some pretty crazy places. yet still, i somewhat know what i will be doing for a while.

knowing that i am about to climb over that cusp makes everything seem so much better. i am working with kids for the next three weeks and waking them up every morning. making them brush their teeth. seeing these naive innocent minds at work. this is something i will miss a lot. i feel truly lucky to have gotten time to share with so many children over the past 3 years. its been great and i know i will miss it so much. there is something about being around these little minds that is eye opening. i hope i can translate that energy into something in the future.

i guess i just want to remember these times. i want to know what it feels like to be in this moment right now. because i will soon be surrounded by suits. and i might have one too.

some people call me childish.

i like to throw rocks.

sometimes i like to sleep in the sun with rocks on my belly and eyes and mouth.

and these are my random monday morning thoughts.

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