Saturday, July 16, 2011

i like that thought. it's nice.

I feel like in life we run across certain thoughts. the thoughts of the pivotal sort.

we come across thoughts which lead to choices; these i guess are the normal ones. we have desire to do something, the thought, then we choose to act. or not act. we try to make the right choice. the good choice. live the good life.

then sometimes we run into special thoughts. the thoughts that just change us instantaneously. we have the thought, and we will never be the same. sometimes the thoughts are are self grown; we somehow look up and have them. sometimes they can be formed through images captured through our vision. other times we wake up and have it stuck in our minds. sometimes the words flow from our fingers. sometimes other people plant the thoughts in our minds; the sheer presence of another creature just shares some silent thought and it changes us.

no mater which kind its going to be, i think i like that thought. and its nice.

~ ~ ~

The best part of watching a movie alone. The best part of watching a movie not at a theater. Is that we can quietly sit and watch the credits play to the end in silence. we can absorb the music. we can reflect. and it is quiet. i love the feeling when the last line of the credits end.

Monday, July 11, 2011

two people looking to find some solace in this crazy fake life that we all strive so hard to be successful at

one man came from a far away land for a journey in my home land.

we met 3 years ago at this super important accounting conference; the USA man, myself, and the Korean prodigy, him. two men on their ways to being the accountants of tomorrow. i was lucky enough to study in the prodigies home land for two years where our friendship blossomed and grew. I returned home in search of some fake success which the system tells me is important. again we are the accountants of tomorrow! i am on the brink of more education while he is solving all the M&A needs of his land.

Although he is very busy, always working hard to solve the problems of tomorrow, he ran into a sudden vacation. i got word on friday and i was at seatac airport picking him up on sunday. it was great.

we both had this burning bitterness burning deep within ourselves and felt the need to suck it from our bodies and blood. so we did the thing that most smart men do. we drank it out. you see, by adding poison to our already poisoned bodies, we can cure ourselves. unfortunately the poison was too deep for the normal methods known to smart men.

we finally arrived on the only next logical choice for smart men. we chose to go on some sort of spiritual excursion. the excursion to find some peacefulness in this world where we see to many faces everyday. we wanted an escape from all that we knew and hated within the dirty fake system which we wanted and want to strive in so badly.

by wed we were gone. our bags stacked up bearing all the essentials of a spiritual journey.

we drove for around 2 hours, because real journeys of the spiritual sort, start with long drives. although we wanted to go further away, snow was a problem. many of the high peaks had too much snow to get too. we finally arrived, and had begun the journey to find truth.

before not too long we reached the first stream to cross. we rested while drinking some water. our 40 lb packs were starting to eat into our shoulders, but we would soon forget how to feel pain. we crossed the first stream with ease and continued on our long long path to the top.

we crossed about 7 more streams along the way. we weaved too and from and each time we found water we grew happy to find a friend. we hiked up the mountain listening only to the songs which the birds provided. we would converse about our past times at times, although not often. and sometimes we would ask some sort of philosophical question which had no answer in the fake world.

we were also blessed with the hottest day of the year, the sun was out in its golden beautiful form. about 6 hours in we reached a river. at this point we were delirious. we had climbed for 6 long hours. the mosquitoes were getting the best of us. we were loosing to nature. but our will to find something real was our top priority. we were willing to risk it all. we had to cross the river. we had no gear to do so. so we did what smart men do best. we took off our pants. took off our shoes. and we were ready for action.

the river was much stronger then we anticipated, and reaching the midpoint was when we realized we had made a terrible mistake. one slip and we were gone; we would have lost trying to find truth.

we had about 40 feet left to the other side, or 40 feet to return home. it was late already, and turning back was not an option. we somehow went through this dance of words without actually speaking to each other. we just stood, still in belly button deep water, in the middle of the river, and then after a long pause we continued on looking for victory.

with the help from a secret place, we reached the other side. as we put back on our pants, we somehow felt refreshed and real. we had accomplished this greatness. we had toyed with failure and won. we were so close to seeing the end of the road.

we had arrived. and we were the only ones to make it. we had reached the final destination. we had won. we had endured all which no other human could on this Wednesday night. we had the lake of truth to ourselves. we had rid ourselves of the system.

although our bodies ached, and we started to feel the pain which we put our bodies through for the previous 7 hours of labor, we knew what time it was. it was time to drink the victory brew. although our packs were heavy we had two special treats for ourselves. 4 brews and a secret power yielding food full of everything that we needed.

after our victory drinks we set up camp before it got to dark. we gathered enough wood to make a nice warming fire where we would toss all the trash and dirt from our minds; the grim that festered deep within our minds, hidden in the basements of our heads.

as we sat silently watching the fire and slowly ridding our bodies of the poison which the fake world had infected us with, the night was approaching.

it was time to replenish our bodies with the powerful nutrients from the truthful world. we got some of the magical alpine lake water, and boiled it on the fire.

we opened our last two brews, and we ate the first meal of our new lives. 짜파게티!

we then gazed at the stars, took in the warmth of the fire which had burned away the evil, and watched the lake as the night took everything back into its breath of darkness.

we finally slept.

when we woke, we took one last look at the lake which gave birth to two new people.

pointed to the mountain tops which gave birth the the lake which in turn gave birth to us and said our goodbyes.

then the two men headed back down the mountain.


i like the word sometimes

sometimes i like to take excursions in nature
sometimes i like to sing to my self while driving
sometimes i like to dance after taking a shower to warm my naked self up
sometimes i like to drink coffee with friends
sometimes i like to drink coffee alone without friends
sometimes i like to try to imagine myself living out side of the system
sometimes i like to imagine that this world we live in is a fake place
sometimes i like to wonder what you are thinking about
sometimes i like to think about the past and smile
sometimes i like to find comfort in friends
sometimes i like to read a book and get lost in a new world
sometimes i like to watch harry potter endlessly
sometimes i like to find the whimsical quirks in the world
usually i like sometimes because as long as it is sometimes it is good times