Sunday, January 6, 2013


as i watched a teammate close out the last set of his match, i heard a peculiar question posed by one 11ish year old boy.

"Dad, are there more bugs in the world or people?"

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

dusty time

walking through memories hidden deep inside the many years of travels and adventures, there lie a fair amount of rooms, locations, attics, benches, windows, and tables where dust is collecting. these places wait patiently to be discovered again. they have a thin layer of snow and coldness to preserve them and suspend them in time and space. moments in time that wont go away; that cannot go away. some of them i have tried to erase, others i have tried to hide. some have threads of sun and brightness, others smell of rain and October. all the doors are unlocked. and as my next walk starts and as i continue to travel deeper into time, i still can come back to these places. i will open the door, remove the layers of dust, ice, snow, and rain. i will look out the windows. i will sit on the benches. lay in the rooms. rock in the rocking chairs in the attics. dine at the tables. and than i will close the door behind me, knowing ill be back again someday.

im not a fan of time; or at least age, calendar days, and weeks. i am a fan of the past, future, and now. the last year, or 52 weeks a lot of past has happened. and i think these things will have a lot of meaning for the future. and now i sometimes know its now because of those pasts. i guess all i want to tell myself on this morning of newness in some kind of fashion that i am not a fan of is that its new and its now and there will be more tomorrows and yesterdays and i like that i also like the places that i will constantly re discover weather those places haunt my mind endlessly or brighten my spirits they are my places; my rooms, my locations, my attics, my benches, my windows, and my tables.