Monday, November 29, 2010

xmas lights and what they mean

So as i was driving home tonight, i was thinking a small amount as i passed houses with nice lights and slightly nice lights. I wonder what drives people to put up lights for xmas.

i was wondering if people who put up a lot of lights were generally better parents then those who didnt. assuming similar religious values. i guess money goes into that as well, but neighborhoods generally have similar income levels. i find it a little funny that dads will kinda self judge themselves verses the other dads of the neighborhood based on light amazinginess. even creativity. like just getting one of those huge blow up santa clauses, although a nice wow factor might be there, is it creative and respectable?

in one of the newer developments where a lot of new familys with young kids have moved in, have these huge santas. I thought it was pretty cool, until i saw one on every block. icicle lights? cool? im not sure what is cool and whats not. im not so sure i will ever even want to put up lights. maybe its better to teach our kids to conserve energy and not put up plastic lights.

maybe i should conduct a study one lights and successfulness of people who grew up in lighted houses vs not. or even large santaed houses vs just lighted houses.

do you go xmas light hunting on the eve of the big day? is there some cool ones?

Friday, November 19, 2010

get excited

I like people who can make me excited for the next chapter in my life. not many can do it, but there are those select few people who i know who always make me happy to see what might come next for me. I am pretty eternally thankful to a few people who never fail to share interesting words with me. they put things in perspective and challenge me to think more. they also probably know me a little too well, and tell me the things which i hide in the attics of my brain. but sometimes that is a good thing too. lets all get excited for that tomorrow, or for looking at the things in the attics.