Saturday, July 16, 2011

i like that thought. it's nice.

I feel like in life we run across certain thoughts. the thoughts of the pivotal sort.

we come across thoughts which lead to choices; these i guess are the normal ones. we have desire to do something, the thought, then we choose to act. or not act. we try to make the right choice. the good choice. live the good life.

then sometimes we run into special thoughts. the thoughts that just change us instantaneously. we have the thought, and we will never be the same. sometimes the thoughts are are self grown; we somehow look up and have them. sometimes they can be formed through images captured through our vision. other times we wake up and have it stuck in our minds. sometimes the words flow from our fingers. sometimes other people plant the thoughts in our minds; the sheer presence of another creature just shares some silent thought and it changes us.

no mater which kind its going to be, i think i like that thought. and its nice.

~ ~ ~

The best part of watching a movie alone. The best part of watching a movie not at a theater. Is that we can quietly sit and watch the credits play to the end in silence. we can absorb the music. we can reflect. and it is quiet. i love the feeling when the last line of the credits end.

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