Saturday, September 19, 2009

three random thoughts, from three moments in time, from three different minds, which all reside in this brain of mine.

Emotions are what we live for. Whether they are sad, dark, happy, nostalgic, longing, bubbly, silly, naïve, sarcastic, funny, or just that an emotion. The over come you, they are true, they can bring that warmth to ur face. They open you up. These are the times we know that we are living. The times when living feels right. I like that.

~ ~ ~

Sunday September 12th 12:24am
Standing alone in the quiet enjoying a last moment before the decent into my small studio apartment, a young man walks by talking on the phone, another boy on the phone passes, then a girl with short hair, a teal skirt, a white blouse, and a black sweater walks by pretending to be on the phone, then one more boy on the phone, I stood and thought about being alone in this world. Thinking about proving to the world that I am a little different. Then thinking about why I am worried about being different. Deep in thought, when a boy on a loud motorbike floats by. Disrupting the silence and my thoughts. Then to look up and see the “하숙집” sign with 7 faded numbers that couldn’t be made out. seeing that maybe that is just what life is. Knowing the name and what it is, but not knowing how to contact it. Not knowing how to ask the question, not knowing how to know.

This was written on my little orange book. I’m not sure what I was thinking at the moment but it was important enough to write down.

~ ~ ~

You know what I like? I like things that don’t make sense. Like this. There is a corridor where people walk in the subway station. And in this corridor there is no method to which side of the hallway you should walk. Where I grew up we go forward on the right. In this corridor there are four lanes, 2 electric and 2 not. On the electric you go forward on the right. On the non, you go forward on the left. This didn’t seem to make sense to me, but my mind is narrow and not accepting, so in my peabrain I thought it was un-logical. But I liked that.

I like that because it means we don’t have to be logical. We can just do. Or it means maybe we should think harder. Maybe there is a reason. Let’s over think it. Lets think about thinking and then think so more, then we can find that logic. Or we could create the logic. Or we could just be that, unlogical. Lets not think. Lets not think about it, lets just be.
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