Tuesday, April 12, 2011

another important conversation in that head of mine

its time for me to spill a little out again.

this month i will make a pretty big choice. and its not one of those things where my heart is one place and the logic is somewhere else. its not that confusing. its pretty straight forward. two very viable choices that will build foundations for a good happy life. whatever that is. i dont want a good happy life anyways. i want a crazy one where the world falls everyday. where i dont know where i will be tomorrow. so maybe i should choose that one. the option x. but im not that kid. i wish i was everyday though.

anyways. i dont know what to do. why do both choices have to be good? do things happen for a reason? i dont really think like that. ill just flip a coin. if you have a nice one please send me one. i dont have many nice coins.
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