Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the same things a year later...

in a short time i will be departing to that place where everything once was, where all my stuff is, where i used to be, where so much is familiar to me.

ill have 11 long days to see everything that i used to see. 11 days to eat all those foods that i sometimes crave. 11 days to eat salty greatness. 11 days to talk to those people i used to talk to every day.

i wanna see the things that used to give me comfort, and i want to see how they have changed, or i want to see how my mind sees them differently. if of course a mind can see something differently, im not sure about that one.

i want to drive around.

i want to use my toilet, i want to use my shower, and i want to look out my window.

i dont know what i will do first, and i dont know how i will feel, and i dont know what the weather will be like.

i cant sleep. i cant really think straight, and i dont really want to.
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