Sunday, February 7, 2010

sometimes we learn amazing things...

I realized last week on Thursday i think, that i have not had a bloody nose for over a year. my teacher mentioned bloody noses and then my memory about how much i love bloody noses swirled into my mind. and then i realized that i have not had a bloody nose while in korea, meaning that it has been more then 1 year since i had one. that is amazingly not good. I miss bloody noses.

and even more amazing then that is that i learned something new. My entire life i have cracked eggs one way. I have always hit them on a counter top or on a pan of some sort. i have cracked eggs with one hand because that seemed cool, however i usually resort to the two handed method. However today February 7th 2010, i have cracked an egg with a spoon. and it was amazing. i think this new method is the best method yet. i can not really imagine myself cracking an egg again with my old ways, because with a spoon is really nice. and its very weird. i had this imitate realization that even with something as simple as our egg cracking methods, when changed, is amazing. I guess i am not old, but i guess i had some sort of idea that i knew how to crack an egg. and then my whole world got flipped upside down and i realized that i have spent 23 long years without knowing how to crack and egg with a spoon.

i hope i learn some more things on my way through life.

good night dysfunctional ryan.
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