Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the young cool scientist who polishes rocks in garages and makes sand castles at 2nd base

spring is hiding, and i feel like i am a evil person because while i am enjoying the endless rain and gloomy days, everyone around me is feeling depressed and angry. if i could steal summer too i would. and i would not apologize. i like sad gloomy people more then happy sunny people. is that okay?

time is passing by quickly and that is okay i guess. i am really not sure what i want to do next, but for the last year i have been in this bubble where i had a slack year to kinda float around and do as i pleased. it was the first time when i didnt really have to do nething. well it was the first time i was able to not plan the next step in life -- since my young scientist days. when i was a young little scientist i would build sand castles at 2nd base, not caring that my coach was yelling at me. i would polish rocks in my rock polisher. because that is what the cool kids were doing in their garages. now i think maybe i should go back to being a cool scientist. maybe i dont want to wear a suit anymore. even though i havent put one on yet, im not sure i want to either.

then again im sure the suit will go on. and i will be that person. ill just have to make a new little cool scientist one day and hope he doesn't fail like i did.

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