Monday, August 23, 2010

a series of numbers

i think my life is a series of choices. some are bigger then others and some seem smaller at the time but end up being quite huge.

i have just made another one of those big choices. i am going back to the place that started this blog. the first entry was about leaving the place where i spent most of my life to come to the place where my life began. now a year and a half later i will be leaving my original land and returning to the place that supported me for so many years.

i am still not sure if it is the best choice, but it seems like the right one to make right now. i dont have to make this choice, and sometimes i still dont want to make this one. but its done now, and i will be off. i hope it turns out to be the right one. but i dont think there is a right choice. choices just lead us to different opportunities. i hope the good ones come my way.

i am going to miss a lot of things. when i first moved into the box that i sleep in now, it didnt exactly seem like a great place, but i am going to miss it. i will miss this place. i am going to miss the places that seem like home to me now. i am going to miss the kids who i have seen 4 times a week or more for the last year plus. i find it interesting that when i was young older people made big impacts on who i am today and i prolly made no impact on them. while now i have learned so much from these elementary school kids. i am not sure if they will remember me, or if i have made them different people, but they have changed me forever. its strange how that happens. i think its strange at least.

well there is about 30 days left and im gonna have a lot more choices to make. its going to be a great series of choices that will help wrap up this chapter in my novel.

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