Monday, January 24, 2011

When things that usually go wrong go right its a sign

of sweet times.

if you know me, im as good with directions as i am with spelling. today i had to register my car. I recently bought a new one, and i had to transfer the ownership b/c it was used, and so i had to get an emissions test and register the car in my name. How do i get to the emissions office and to the department of vehicle registration in one try? and no wait at eater place. i am an amazing human being. I won the game today. an issaquah was very beautiful this morning. patches of fog flowing over the the forest and floating above the water.

on the other hand, i bought a tape deck adapter so i could listen to my ipod i just want to listen to bbiribbom bberibbom. but i lost that game. i have a cd player.

also i am seeing a lot of shadows again. people always tell me this is a bad thing. like as if im gonna go crazy. i just see all kids of things. shapes turn into people. usually dead people. sometimes they are just shadows of people, no vivid colors but a few earth shades. these days they dont startle me, they just appear sometimes.

im starting to miss a lot of things as well.

sometimes i wish i had one of those cool blog lines to end things with. other times i dont.
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