Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the places we have been

its funny to look back. all those places we have been. the places that felt right that were not so right. the things that seemed odd but were straight.

more then looking back its interesting to look at kids and see the things that they will look back at. i can see it with my reminisced mind and know how it might look to them when they reminisce it on the eve of there 25th. today she told me "i am had a living in the united states revelation"; meaning that she is ready to have a more positive outlook. shes 11 years old. im a little moved. she reminds me a lot of myself. she questions a lot. she also knows all the right things to say, and she always knows when she has made a mistake and justifies it well. shes a little to observant and perceptive. it scares me.

perception is bad.

i wish i could give some of mine away.

i also with i was 11.

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