Monday, February 14, 2011

a snapshot in my mind

i was driving to the sandwich store to buy a few sandwiches. i like sandwiches. i stopped at a light and was kinda sad to see that the crosswalk light said walk and i had to wait for some people to walk by. to my surprise a father holding his little girls hand come running across my viewfinder. the girl sticks out her hand to say wait and thank you as she zooms by. the father mimics his daughter and then smile and laugh as they run across the street. tracing behind them is the wife and the mother with the look of happiness on her face. its this kind of confidence that can only be seen. that look on their faces. that innocence. It made me smile. if i was a painter i would paint this picture and it would be great. instead im gonna write about it here so i can revisit that snapshot in my memory another day.

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