Tuesday, September 20, 2011


the ability to see something is nice and good.

although i like interesting things. and interesting things are usually things that are not transparent. it is sometimes strange that transparent things are interesting. someone who might be completely transparent would be an honest thing. that honest thing might not be interesting. but if a tree were transparent it would be honest and amazingly interesting.

in our actions we can be transparent living creatures of this place. with endless wrongs going around us. with truth being manipulated constantly. would it be nice to have a some transparency? where things would just be done with honesty. everything would be visible. complete transparency.

is this wish for something uninteresting?  probably. in that case just send me a transparent tree so that i can gaze at it endlessly and forever.

rain is transparent. and i like rain. rain also washes away the film that covers this place. it can lead to a new start. after rain are clear skies. rain helps other living things grow. i wonder if rain would feed transparent trees? would transparent creatures thirst upon transparent rain? would a nice raspberry burst with transparent juice? if there was transparency we wouldn't have to rely on our scenes. scenes are just trying to see through things anyways. they just try to uncover that filth that sticks to the world with its deep manipulation and falsehoods. we are going to need a lot of rain to wash that filth from this place.

i like the sneeches. they put stars on there bellies and then remove them. once day stars on the bellies are the way to go. the next stars upon the belly are the wrong way. send me a star removing machine. and send me a star making machine. i will need both.

and a clear raspberry.

and a transparent tree.

and some water.

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