Thursday, October 6, 2011

walking down the path

I am really not sure where this walk will lead me. but a little while back i wrote about a walk that I am on. I think it is pretty important to want to be on the walk that I am on. There might be a few things that sting and a few things that will make us smile. Yet, it is still on this walk. This is the walk that will lead to goodness and fun things; it can't be any other walk can it? I can chose a new path, take a step back, climb over a river, ride a pig to the next crossing, but it will still be this walk. my walk. and for this walk I am happy to be on it. I have to be. It is my walk. I have steeped on so much that is great already. seaweed being some of the best stuff to step on. rocky beaches, sandy beaches, warm sand, cold snow, smelly things, long grass, sort grass, the stomachs of the people who I love. I hope to set foot on new places soon. To walk through the places that I want to walk through. I know there will be more smelly things to walk over. But I guess that is okay. Sometimes I smell bad too, and I sure hope that those who love me will step on my smelly stomach even when it is smelly.
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