Monday, June 27, 2011

talking a walk

sometimes i want to take an endless walk. the kind of walk that you might imagine in your head. the kind of walk filled with the flowers that you want to see, the trees, the smells, the breeze, the water droplets. i am not sure what the best walk might look like or taste like or smell like or feel like, but i know that i want to be on that walk.

i want to meet some nice or mean spirits during that walk. i want to feel the thoughts of those animals i might encounter. i want to get lost. i want to eat the things that will be growing along the way. i want to dwell deep into that new land.

sometimes i wish i was on that walk. and sometimes i feel like im on this walk, wanting to be on that walk. but i feel so guilty to long for a different walk. i dont want to have feelings of guilt. i just want to have all the other emotions. i love the different feelings that make the sweat fall out from my skin and the feelings when time seems to some how change and it seems to be more understandable and not so constant. i like those times.

sometimes i am so happy to be on this walk. so endlessly happy. looking back, there are endless greatnesses which i have already experienced at this young age. so many amazing spirits. so many amazing thoughts which i have felt from those other creatures. a lot of nice smells haunt my mind.

the rain has washed away so much. i think if it just rains for the rest of my life i will be okay. just rain more and more and more. i dont want it to ever stop raining.

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