Tuesday, June 7, 2011


its pretty hard stuff.

why is it that it is so simple and easy to trust and see the beauty and honestly and sincerity and truthfulness from a person who rose from nothing. All those successful people, all those stores we hear on the television, all those heartbreaking stories of the kids who rose from their dirt covered streets with only their dreams and imaginations. We can look at them, see into there minds, and we instantly trust them. Is it that innocence of expectations? Are we that laced in the expectations around us that we lose that sincerity? that honestly? that trust?

How can we get it back? All the things that drive us are part of the system which we live in. That uncle that tells you what you should be. the Grandma that expects something. the little sister looking on to her older brother for a path of goodness. do we somehow lose some goodness trying to be that good? we are so stuck in the system and so busy trying to beat the system, that we lose so much. I dont want to lose anything anymore. i want to find something nicer then that. can we leave the system? can we escape it? can we find it with our greedy ways. is cleverness a bad thing? are foxes evil?

i think that is why i like oranges. they are pure. they are orange.
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