Tuesday, June 14, 2011


graduation speeches are always nice. i wanna go on a graduation marathon. try to listen to all of them. so much motivation in them. all that aspiration. all the drive or the fake drive or the drive that we think we are supposed to have. i will be waiting to see what dreams you make come true. what passion you find. i will be waiting for the time when your eyes really look alive and that you show me how much you want that one thing that you will be working so hard to get. i wanna see that. i want to see when you break away from this place and find your place where all your thoughts lead you. the place that keeps you up at night.

those are the best things. if they can keep you up at night, they are good. what was the first thing that kept you up? i think for me it was soccer. i wanted to be better. always. i wanted to be a bit taller too. i thought if i sang "i wish" enough i could be jordan. don't think i got there. the things that people say that touch us in special places, are always the best paintings. i think its time to be the lemmings and jump off to the new place, we don't know where we might be going, but we gotta jump. talking to my self. i will be the best sheep farmer. i dont want to encounter bad sheep anymore. only good ones. i want to make good paintings. good pictures. and eat nice sheep.

goodbye ruby tuesday
who could hang a name on you
when you change with every new day still i'm gonna miss you...

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