Monday, February 6, 2012

a short story about a rock

one day i was walking along a rocky beach. i had no shoes on.i enjoyed feeling the rocks under my feet. i scanned the beach for the perfect rock. i would stop and pick up many, but none would be the perfect rock. some would fit nicely in my hand. some looked nice. some smelled good. some tasted nice. but none were perfect. 

i think sometimes rocks find their owners. 

i think sometimes i need to walk on that rocky beach for a long time. maybe a lifetime of endless walking and searching will lead me to perfection in a rock. finding perfection is something that i can not give up on. i won't sit still. i have to find the truth and the perfection. if there is a perfect rock, i will find it. i have to find it. and i have to eat it. 

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