Sunday, January 29, 2012

thinking big

so we are this generation of younger people. each generation faces problems. and each generation adds something. slowly or maybe quickly generations are working together across the world to add value to the world which we tend to like living in. just looking at our generation and how we can help america, i wonder what choices will make this place better. we are the most diverse generation yet. we have the best technology available to us. god-like technology in fact. it has been pointed out to me that our generation has this godlike technology but old silly thoughts. i guess that gap is something that has always existed though.

i have always been one of those kids that didnt think he could make a difference. the one that didnt need to play with politics. that kid that hated watching the news because it only made his mother and his grandmother worry endlessly. now somehow i have transformed into someone who finds himself wanting to know more and more about the world he has been desperately trying to ignore. the people who write the books that i enjoy reading are telling me that my generation needs to go back to some basics and read more. we need to gain more understanding about the world we are living in. and we need to show more compassion and we need to be nice. if we could all just be a bit nicer and smarter we might have a better america. i want a better america. i hope our generation shines through and does some wonderful things. wonderful things are nice and sound lovely.

im kinda sick. and my hands might be shaking a little bit. im not sure how my head is working. but these are the words that fell out of my head on this night. this is a picture that was taken some summers ago. a smart little girl collected some objects from the beach and made an upside down word that might be important.
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