Saturday, April 21, 2012

a short story about dreams and fun

there was once a girl named cloud. she seemed to understand how everything worked. she seemed to understand what the past was supposed to mean and what today meant and what tomorrow was going to mean. she liked enjoying nice things and simple things. she could laugh nicely and softly. she could also cry softly and quietly. she wrote beautifully. she had an eye for the world and she loved. she understood that her heart could never be full, so she lived to always fill it with more. she was not sure what she ultimately wanted to accomplish, but she was always running or walking or walking quickly through the journey. always slowing or stopping to find the importance.she found laughter in the strangest places, she found beauty in hidden lands, she found tears in all that mattered. she understood everything and nothing. she was spontaneous. she painted thoughts. she liked rocks.
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