Saturday, February 2, 2013


Sometimes its the small hiatus that makes the big difference. It's a business trip at cape cod, spending the last day driving around and exploring those pieces of pure niceness. somehow looking at the sun collapse onto an unfamiliar body of water is nice and different. refreshing and revitalizing.

this weeks theme has been refreshing. a new place with some nice exploration. i have confirmed that beaches in the winter are number one. summer beaches are lame, seven thousand people on this beach would have been beyond bad. as i drove up to other beaches, flying by the thousand parking spots, to be the only kid watching the sun fall over the water, i could only imagine how horrible that sight would be if i had to share it with some other humans, or seven thousand beings. i want it alone. i want to be alone at that moment watching the scene alone by myself reflecting and being happy that i can share that moment with my self. winter is just so much better. all the crowds are at home watching the sun set on tv. or maybe they are at the gym or in some tropical horridplace along with the seven thousand that will be where i am on this glorious winter day.

strangely enough, only the cool kids showed up to the beach to watch the sun set on a winter day after a storm. those cool kids would be grandparents. pretty cool that at least those types still love the winter and hate people. i like grandparents.

it was a week where things just lined up. snow followed by a super storm to crash the cape. than the last day it all cleared for a glorious day of exploration and trek back home. a voice that was lost from singing too much on the long drive home. a nice feeling of feeling at home in my new home. connecting with people i care about and hearing good news. watching as people i care about and have spent certain time periods with, and seeing them follow their dreams and cross those big crosswalks. it warms me and i cant help but smile.

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