Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2 things

there are two things i really dont like to do. get haircuts and cut my nails. maybe that is why i dont mind spending money on haircuts and buying new nail clippers. both are pretty attractive in my eyes, so if you ever want to get me a present b/c i write amazing things buy me a nail clipper, i still need a neon pink one to go with my neon collection.

im not sure why i hate these two things, but i did both of them today. its the first time in my life that i have done these two terrible acts in one day. but i have to say it feels nice. other then having some tank marks on my extremely large forehead and some strange feelings on my fingers and toes i am feeling pretty good.

while i was getting my haircut i realized it would be pretty amazing to be a hair cutting person. you would get to meet your regulars maybe once every 2 months or so, get a lot of one timers, see a lot of people, when you went to the near by mall everyone would probably look somehow familiar, and you would have all kinds of stories made up in your head about your clients. maybe that is what i should aspire to be just so i could have the client relationships. is that a wrong motive?
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