Wednesday, July 7, 2010

re tracing and tracing

its the routine.

its finishing the book which was bought some day in 11th grade which sat on the bookshelf until many years later when it was finished on the bus bound for mopo where i would teach the 7th grader english who was bound for an american middle school later that month.

its passing by the mother who walked out of the hae jang guk restaurant who was speaking in a recognizable voice.

its the children inside the taekwondo school happily cheering and yelling while walking in the perfect summer night to teach some enlgish.

its watching a curious mother elevate herself on her tippy toes to see over a small guardrail to examine the playground which was under construction while holding the hand of her daughter who was happily licking her lollipop.

its talking about goals and dreams with the 7th grader.

its waiting for the bus which will take me back to shinchon while noticing everything i dont want to see.

its the thrown away kite in the pile of trash.

its the mother jumping rope with her overweight elementary school son.

its walking back to the bus stop to wait for the bus which will take me back to shinchon noticing everything while not wanting to notice anything.

its putting on some music to drown the sounds of the almost perfect summer night in hopes to stop noticing the things which dont need to be noticed.

its walking across the intersection to get back to shinchon where two young women carried away with laughter jumping in place because they were so overcome by that laughter all seen through my eyes while drowned out in the same music which i have always listened to.

its passing the young lady talking on the phone who naively wore her emotions on her face while talking to a loved one. the expressions which no one should see, the expressions which should be saved for her to wear only in the privacy of her own home.

its seeing these things without sound as if life were a stop motion motion picture with the songs which i have always listened to as the soundtrack.

its walking up the stairs where the man who gave me the notebook which was attached the english flyer where this was all written.

its riding the bus from shinchon to the place where i will wake up tomorrow.

its looking on to the places where i ate dinner, the cafe where i was reading after dinner, the bus stop which i stood at this morning, and finally arriving back at the front gate of the place where i will wake up tomorrow all seen while riding the bus retracing my steps of the day in fast forward.

and then its receiving a small notebook attached to a flyer for english academy while on the way to teach the 7th grade boy english where this would all be written on for the first time.

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