Monday, July 9, 2012

fresh feeling

I am not sure what I am doing or what i will be doing but things are starting to change. i am starting a new journey in a new land and getting some of my home back. i will be moving into a place that i can start to call home. i have a nice bubble to drive around in again. i miss driving and i love driving. although i am only good at getting lost, i am lucky enough to rely on special devices to help me get to those hard to find locations where i need to perform work and make money to pay for my personal bubble and home.

the special experiment that lasted 2 years has come to an end. a time capsule project. a cool person i met 2 years ago and I wrote a letter to each other after 2 encounters about whatever it was that was on our minds and relating to each other and our perception of the other. untouched it sat for 2 years deep in the proverbial ground under trees and waterfalls; gmail. at least it starts with a g. its pretty funny to read what i wrote. i was so much more arrogant back then. if you can imagine that. i mean sometimes i wonder how i have more then 1 friend with that amount of arrogance i have. i am not sure i would be my friend. anyways it was a great project, and i would recommend it if you ever meet a cool person.

nausea is such a crazy feeling. its so crazy. crazy is good right? good is not bad right? i am good at telling myself what is good yeahhhh?

good night friends.

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