Tuesday, November 20, 2012

conflicts and forgiveness

i think we all run into a lot of conflicts as we walk and run. some conflicts are natural some are nice some are motivating some might make us break down some might make us throw things or tear apart things. some conflicts have no answer and are endless. some are easily solved through compromise and sacrifice. conflicts seem to make choices for me. 

sometimes i want something so very bad, but i can't have it. it can't be that way. and i know that i can't solve the conflict now. but that doesn't mean that i don't think time will mend it and a sort of pathway will slowly appear. in hopes that someday the conflict might dissipate. 

conflicts sometimes need forgiveness. while conflicts sometimes have no answers or seemingly so, forgiveness is easy. its a choice. i can forgive my sister for anything. but i don't know if i can forgive you for anything. but i can. 

forgivness can solve so many conflicts and its almost too easy. peace of mind can be obtained. it can even be given. 

just two words that seem to be swarming around in my pea brain for a while.

~ ~ ~

on another note. the coastal skies are too good. morning sun on morning water with morning skies. night time clouds and colors with night time water and an almost angry and hopeful tint. something about being on the water is different. and than there is the forest sky. middle of the forest with black clear skies and perfect stars. i always thought i wanted to be a city kid. i am thinking i am more of a country kid. maybe both at some point. i like morning drives. i like night time drives. i like the city sometimes. but i like being away from it too. i can feel myself pulling away from some of the things i wanted to be or thought i wanted to be or things someone told me i should be or something that some voice told me i should be. i am not sure if this transition is a better me or a fake me. i could have it all wrong. which is usually the case when it comes to directions. i am always lost. but i think i know where im going. which is the good part... right? 

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