Sunday, June 9, 2013

another adventure

And another adventures closes...

back from a journey to a place that feels like home although is so foreign. friends that i used to see daily for years only to be separated for years and than being reunited again in a land that was once home. great journeys great adventures and great niceness.

its strange how great friends dont change and do change. we all feel the bond that has always been there and that is great. we all feel like we dont change. but we all do change. and we all change together. its strange how that works. we are changing but it is easy to say we are not because we are friends and we understand how we change and the changes that take place. we change together freely and happily. its really not something that can be explained but it is something that is true.

11 nights and 12 days in the place i was born. 1 day on the west coast. sights and sounds from around. changing ambiance. traveling around and feeling. feeling the differences. knowing the differences. seeing some too. and the smells of different lands. i am excited to live longer. to live deeper. to adventure further. it is strange how right now i am as anxious as ever to continue this adventure and fly higher swim deeper and adventure more intensely.

i told a friend the other day that life is long. he said that is strange, people only tell me life is short. it took me back. he was right people often say life is short. but why? yes i will live today and enjoy today because today is the greatest day i've ever known. but life is long and what is ahead is great and we best be ready to take it on. new adventures are coming.

my mind is scattered always but some things are starting to look clearer. clarity is always nice. but so are scattered thoughts and ideas.

on this walk, for me, the most important thing is to always be searching. and the only thing i can say that i am searching for is truth and honesty. i can not tell u what those things are, but i can tell you how they feel. i will endlessly search for signs of these two things. and these two things drive me to always continue on and to hope that in this long life i can find a lot of realness. lets find it all. lets adventure deeply. lets run sometimes. lets explore endlessly. because the best part of this walk, is that this walk does not end. things that dont end are endless. and endless things dont use time, dont need time. and timeless things are raw. and raw is real. and real can not be seen, felt, smelled, tasted, or heard; because its real.

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