Wednesday, July 3, 2013

daily reminder to live

 Many times I go to sleep unhappy, bitter, worried, sick, happy, smiling, laughing, frowning, excited, ready. And so many times I wake up the same ways. But so many times when I am in one of those not so great moods I am reminded of goodness and reminded to be good and to feel good.

This morning it was a truck delivering the morning supply of Thomas Muffins, a food item a friend eats religiously.  Followed by the stretching and morning work out of a grandmother who I saw the previous morning.

It was a view of a familiar item that reminded me of a person who could use a few thoughts. It was the comfort in the familiar grandmother starting her morning the same way she did the day before.

I cant explain why, but without fail I will become more happy anytime I see the same person I saw the previous morning doing the same thing as the previous morning.  The joys of familiarity. The simple symbols my path as I navigate through the roads and streets that I will endlessly get lost in.

Good morning today for today is a nice day to explore.

More intensely.

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