Monday, December 12, 2011

energy, rain, and eye rain.

I once heard from someone that there is an energy running through them. "There is like this energy running through me. It's not really a part of me, it's just an energy that runs through me."

The energy might be running through us. it might be independent of us. it might be important to us. i might just be that. energy. whatever it is, it would be pretty nice if there was this energy. i do like energy.

energy creates emotions. not necessary the emotions you felt when you woke up. or the emotions you will fell the next time u smile. sometimes they are emotions that you felt years ago. emotions are somehow captured inside of us. they sit in this secret cabinet deep within the maze that we create with our hearts. some of us hide these capsules deep within in our brains behind doors with different shaped keys that we hide from ourselves with walls and mazes. yet, somehow we can revisit these emotions when we encounter the same energy that was used to create those emotions. its just a mater of time before the energy reaches us again and fills us up.

i had this idea to use test tubes and capture rain. i wanted to capture all the rain that i encountered. i was going to capture all those rainy days and label the tubes so i could remember all the rainy days later in the future and then know what it was like to be in those rainy days of fun. i also wanted to give some tubes to my favorite people. I wanted them to capture the rain they encountered, in hopes that i could experience that rain through them. i still have the test tubes in a box in my room at my parents house in one of the best cities of all time.

when i have kids. if i have kids. i am going to capture their tears in test tubes and save them for them. i will date each tube and create a database corresponding to the tears. i think rain is important. i also think eye rain is important. i also like energy.

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