Monday, December 19, 2011

home, treehouses, and, houses

im not sure when home becomes not home or what makes home, home. but home is and can only be one place. when i have a home of my own, when i go home will i still call it home? not to sure, but it will be exciting when i get to the point in my life when i encounter that predicament. when will this boy call a new place home. and will it happen?

anyways. i have been trying to think about what i want to do first. you know when you have been away from home for a while... and you just have that desire to do SOMETHING important. some eat at their favorite spot. some might go to their shoe boxes. some might jump on their bed covered in 38 pillows (most of which would have been stolen by little sisters and pillow monster parents). some might go to their book shelves. when i was little it would be go to my bathroom, because i hate all bathrooms but the one that i have been in the most. im still not sure what i want to do, but when i figure it out, ill let myself enjoy it.

what might you do if you were me?
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