Monday, March 12, 2012


eating is such a strange thing.

what do you do with things you like? maybe it is more natural then strange when we are young, and that at some point it becomes strange. when u see little kids eat things on the ground. putting everything they seem to enjoy in their mouth. maybe that is natural. we put what we like in our mouth to taste it and enjoy it and make it enter our bodies. but then at some point in time, we start to put things we like on shelves. we look at them. we might think about them. we might play with them. they might go in boxes and stay put away in barns in our backyards. or things that look like barns. as we get older, eating changes somehow. some of us become a word that i hate "foodies". if we have money we might spend time in nice restaurants. if we are too cool for that we might travel to hole in the wall places that we can lie to ourselves and call our special place or a cooler place because we are cooler then you. many people battle with eating issues. some of us claim to work out to eat. some of us eat to survive. no mater what food turns into for us as we age, it is not the same as the slightly stranger or maybe slightly more normal idea that we put things we like in our mouths. some people might face stranger or normaler ways of not eating animals or not eating unnatural things. some people might chose not to eat. i remember when i was old enough to know what dirty meant, i would still have the urge to put things i like in my mouth. sometimes i would do it knowing it was gross. some adults or at least older people still put things in their mouths. like tennis trophies. i like that. if i won a big tennis trophy that meant a lot i would want to put it in my stomach. or at least taste it. some people find comfort in cooking. some people find enjoyment in creating food for others. some people just love to eat nice food with nice people. some people lack taste buds or good ones and that might be sad or not sad. some food costs more. sometimes dirty foods taste nice. some people thing other peoples food is strange. what do you do with things you enjoy and like? i think i will try putting more things i like in my mouth again. i like rocks. maybe i should eat some. maybe that is why there is rock candy. for people who like rocks and therefore want to eat rocks. but dont want to die.
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