Tuesday, March 27, 2012

something i don't agree with

amongst the endless quotes that float around in the world and in my head, most of the ones i remember are ones i like or find meaning in. a few writings back i mentioned liking people that have a lifetime of stories. one thing that i feel like some people believe in is the idea that we should live to xxxxxxx. live to eat. live to write. live to have fun. it goes on and on. i dont want to live to do something. and i dont want to live to make a great story. living to do something is like admitting to being a part of this system that tells us that we should do certain things and should not do other things. living to do something is admitting to losing meaning in some things to get other things. i would like to think that everything we do has some piece of meaning and that meaning can be defined by ourselves. like dancing naked after a shower. enjoy that moment that no one will ever witness, nor should they ever witness. not because it might be a funny story to tell someday or because dancing might be an enabler for another thing, but because it just something that u do. i dont want to do that in order to get there. i want to search for truths and meanings within every little facet in my own life. and although each individual moment in my life is a part of my whole, i dont want to make them so interconnected that i have to distribute meaning and value to each individual part. if i had to make a live life to quote what would it be....

live life to run away from everyone and everything and never ever sit still and keep running until there is no more running left in the world and then fly and fly away from all meanings and things and then sail to find the truths that are perfect and endless and impossible to understand without just understanding.
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