Saturday, March 17, 2012

the fun farm

A lot of people have dreams about life after the life where they make money. its like that idea of the second life. like first i will live a life where i will make money because money is important. and after i make some money i will do what i really want to do. for a lot of men or boys its a pub. for girls it might be a bakery or a cookie shop. for a lot it might be a restaurant as well. if you let the suit life affect you too much u might end up wanting a wine bar or something nice like that.

without having to talk about the part where we think we need two lives. because that i could ramble on about for seven lives. 

i want to have a farm. i guess i would want a farm right now too. but i am part of this system that says i have to give the fake world a go. i have to use all these fake skills i have been paying too much money to learn about. i have to prove to myself that i can make it in the fake world. i have to wear nice skull socks under my nice suit. maybe i will try to do some good things in the fake world too. i am not sure yet. maybe i will become a part of the fake world. 

but after that, if i make it. i want to recruit a bunch of my fake world real friends and start a farm. we would all go on an adventure and buy some real boots made from real things. we would get some real jeans. and we would build a farm. we might even be able to infuse some fake world skills into real world farming. how fun would it be to live on a farm with all your best friends and their wives and husbands. we could play games. we could pet our cows and pigs. we could raise our children on the prairie and in the valleys. farming seems like fun times and fun times seem like fun. i like fun times. i also usually like fun. and fun times. 

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